Individual Therapy

A secure, safe environment for you to explore your thoughts, your feelings without fear of judgement. It is where we will work together to explore the origins and sources of your anxious and depressive thoughts, It is where we will  “clean up the past” , so you can fully enjoy your life in the present. 

Play Therapy

Children do not typically have the language to say ” I hurt” or  “I’m sad”. When your child is mad at someone or is anxious about something; if he or she has not been taught to express emotions with words, your child will act out his or her feelings and may behave in ways that are aggressive and at times, frightening.  Play therapy is about your child engaging in “play” with the goal of helping him or her identify, process, manage and express emotions using appropriate words. Much of the work I do with children involves including you as a parent.  

Focus of Therapy

Sometimes things happen to us that leave us feeling ashamed, guilty, anxious, and depressed.



Stuck with the “what ifs” of life? Do you find yourself consumed with seemingly endless worry? Where your knees wobble, your hands tremble? Your chest seems to be perpetually heavy and you’re not exactly sure why?


Do you have emotions that are trapped inside your body? You’re so used to pushing that anger, that sorrow down that these feelings are now stuck in your body. My experience has taught me that this quote from Sigmund Freud is so true: “Unexpressed emotions will never really die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways “

Grief and Loss

Have you lost a loved one to homicide? A friend or a family member to suicide? Our grief comes in waves – maybe a tsunami – and we think we will certainly go under and never surface again. Or perhaps you’re going through the pain of a divorce, a loss of a dream – and we’re hit with shame, disappointment, confusion.


Childhood emotional neglect, sexual and physical abuse; domestic abuse; sexual assault. Are there events from your past that are unresolved? I’ve found that when we don’t “clean up“ the past, it shows up in our present. Unresolved trauma impacts our relationships, the way we think about ourselves, our work patterns, to the point where we do not enjoy life in the present because a good part of us is stuck in the past.

By the Author:

I believe that mental therapy should be available to all who needed, if you don’t have insurance or cannot afford the hourly fee. Please send me an email:

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